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We offer services in the field of Search Engine and Social Media Marketing. We guarantee minimum 18% increase in any area you need help with: Lead and Demand Generation, Brand Awareness, Customer Relationship or other marketing tasks.

Website Promotion – what is it?

Number of activities, allowing your site to become a leader in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

How does it work?

We change (optimize) your site’s content, meta tags and anchor links to “tell” search engines what your website is about. Search engines put your website higher in their results.

Why do you need?

Today billions website exist and you probably have thousands competitors the moment your website sees the light. The truth is if your website is not on page 1-3 in search engine’s results, it simply doesn’t get any visitors at all.

The cost of site promotion

Prices depend on the competitiveness of your niche. The cost is always higher in more populated areas  such as Toronto and lower in other cities of Canada. However, compared with advertising in offline media it is still very small.

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Result of Website Promotion = Sales

Effective promotion increases attendance and awareness of your website, and therefore increases sales through new customers.

More Traffic

More Customers

Higher Conversion

More Sales

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Promote your website to TOP 10