It is crucial for business owners to be able to justify resources spent, boost conversions and get rid of ineffective advertising.

QW Media offers Ad Tracking – a tool that assists you in tracking and examining customer reaction to your ad campaigns. It will advise on the number of visits to the website; the number of emails and calls received during the campaign; the number of online sales conducted. To verify where the customer came from we use distinctive phone numbers, email and web addresses. Utilizing Ad Tracks we will be able to tell you which source is more cost effective.

Data Capture & Analysis – For each campaign we use an exclusive URL. Right after visitors hit it, they are being redirected to your main webpage. It allows us to be informed on the number of visitors attracted by each campaign. The effectiveness of the natural SEO can be also assessed using this tool. Ad Tracks may be combined with your own web log analysis tool.

Call Analysis – Same as with data capture technique, each campaign employs a distinctive phone number, calls come to your phone after being registered with our phone system. This method helps us to determine which campaigns resulted in highest response rates which were not so popular with customers. Also, we gather area codes and the length of each call.

Conversion Assessment – Is your website advertising not achieving the desired results? Are visitors leaving without contacting you? Sometimes you need a second opinion to see the weaknesses of your website and what you might do to make a difference.

After gathering information, we conduct a series of tests and pay close attention to the areas of concern. Our assessment analyzes different aspects of your website putting in a spotlight how these characteristics affect conversion rates. Also, this covers a complete search engine study, indicating if there are any problems with your site regarding search.

The report we generate will advise you on the areas of improvement and what exactly you need to change in order to improve your conversion rate.

Other things to be covered are:

  • Obstacles that stop your visitors from contacting you
  • Performance problems when using the web site
  • Usability and navigation issues
  • Weak areas in your campaign that can be fixed right away
  • Estimate on more complex things

Contact Us QW Media can perform an assessment for any type of site including e-commerce, business to business, lead generation sites & non-profits.