Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is based on escalating the visibility of a website in a search engine’s “organic” search results.

The number of the page on which your website appears defines a number of visitors from the search engine’s users. The search may be any kind of hunt including text, image search, video search, news, etc.

Facts about organic search:

  1. Marketers and marketing agencies continue to invest more into organic search strategies as they understand its impact on lead generation and conversion (Forrester).
  2. SEO is the most effective way to generate conversion according to senior-level marketers (Forbes).
  3. Ninety-five percent of searchers do not go beyond the first page of search results (
  4. Exposure to organic search results almost doubles the likelihood that a prospect will visit a web site when combined with a paid search strategy (iProspect & comScore)

QW Media comprehends the logic of how search engines work, what people look for, how to target the audience and we do what it takes to get results for you. We value the position of being up-to-date of the constantly complex mathematical algorithms.

We team up with our clients, indicating the strategies for constructing an appropriate site which is built according to internet marketing principles. The site design facilitates maximum traffic that converts to leads or online sales.

 Our service coverage include:

Keyword approach:

Adding relevant keywords to a web page’s will strive to boost site’s search ratings, thus increasing traffic. Wrong keyword selection may result in decreased client volume and shrink sales/profits. Therefore we work closely with the following keywords categories:

  • Home Page Keywords
  • Category Page Keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Low Competition Keywords
  • Semantic Keywords
  • Keyword ranking tracking
  • Keyword research software

Content approach:

While the keywords are the base of search battles, distinctive and persuasive content must be able to stand out from the gazillions of other pages with similar topics. Superior content is one of the major means of drawing appropriate quality links from other sites. At the same time it secures better search engine rankings.

Our team addresses different kinds of content, such as textual content, images, videos, reviews, etc. An interesting detail about Red Bull below illustrates the importance of diversifying content variety:

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