Social media campaigns play important role in marketing of any company that is serious about its future.

They immediately see growth in any aspect of their business where Social Media Marketing (SMM) is being applied. Businesses who can properly handle the various social media platforms, such as Digg or Twitter, can drive enormous traffic to their sites, increase visibility and RSS subscriptions, and even improve their search engine rankings. The main purpose of SMM is to create content that is attracting readers and inspiring them to share it with their social networks. Increased communication, social spreading and content sharing promotes brand awareness, brings in new customers and boosts ROI’s. Social media has become more than an after-thought today: it is now a part of every successful marketing campaign.

Here are some examples of social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blogging
  • Instragram

Did you know that “Internet users spend more time on Facebook than on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Microsoft, Wikipedia and Amazon combined”? – (Social Media Blog “Mashable”)

In order to take full advantage of each aspect of SMM it is recommended to hire a professional who will fully analyze all strengths, weakness and maximize the desired outcome.

QW Media encompasses specific knowledge, proficiency and capability.

Our strategies include:

  • Develop a Facebook page strategy
  • Set up and maintain accounts, profiles and groups
  • Conduct a competitor research
  • Set the social media brand voice – corporate/informal
  • Help with personal tweeting style
  • Set up corporate twitter tone
  • Take care of RSS feed distribution
  • Organize social media profile interlocking

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