One of our strongest sides is Graphic Design. Our agency is developing user interfaces for any type of projects: for web sites and portals, desktop applications, and applications for mobile platforms. Clarity, convenience, functionality and interactivity – these are the main features of our interfaces.

Logo & Letterhead Design

A logo is used to promote your company or product and aids in instant brand recognition. A logo represents the embodiment of your company. At Quicken Websites, we create logos that totally reflect your brand and corporate identity. The designing process continues until we achieve 100% results.

Specially Designed Elements

At Quicken Websites, we view the web from our client’s perspective. As such, we incorporate many design elements into your website that  entice the user and draw them into the site. Once their attention is grabbed, we can use other elements to assist in a strong ‘Call to Action’ that can result in increased business.

UI/UX Design

GUI is known as “Graphical User Interface”. Originally started as a two-dimensional way to enhance interaction. Today’s GUI has come a long way. At Quicken Websites, we create rich two and three-dimensional GUI design for web applications and mobile devices.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads drive new business into your website when placed on other sites and can be used to generate revenue when placed on your site. At Quicken Websites, we know how to create attractive Banner Ads that get noticed. Turn your Impressions into Clicks and Clicks into Conversions.

Social Networks Profile

Enhance your Social Networking profile with your own branding. Through selections of color, design and style, our expert designers at Quicken Websites will have you attracting more and more people to your Social Networking Pages. Contact us to find ways to stand out in the crowd!

Online Videos

Online videos are all over the web today. With many video websites available and faster downloading time, we at Quicken Websites know that video has become a highly accepted way to get your message across. Client testimonials and spokesperson videos are a very hot area and a great way to get third party validation.

E-mail Templates

E-mail Templates get your e-mail message across in rich HTML style. At Quicken Websites, we create a broad range of e-mail templates for informational and e-commerce use. Say hello to branded e-mails and goodbye to plain text e-mails!