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A website is your mirror image. A reflection of your values, mission, goals, and policies. We create an in-depth study of your company, research all aspects, and create a mirror reflection that leaves viewers convinced, trusted and given the competitive edge.

Our Services:

i-web-design-developmentWebsite Development

A perfect layout, A good design and nice resource can produce a creative output. When it comes to corporate website design you need to take care about many things which includes simplicity, readability, presentation and accessibility.

i-mobile-developmentMobile Websites and Applications

A wide range of Mobile Apps for every device and operating system. Among the popular ones are the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows, and Symbian.

i-smmCustomer Management Solutions

Good Relationship with your Customers is essential for your business. Managing your cusotmers base in an automated efficient manner helps to increase sales productivity and customer satisfaction.

i-leadLead Generation Solutions

Automated lead generation, response and follow up system creates an ordered structure out of the leads that are generated from multiple sources such as your website, social hubs, email campaigns and your sales force.

i-e-commE-commerce Solutions

Our development team comprises of skilled professionals having expertise in designing and developing cutting-edge E-commerces. Our E-commerce solutions have a proven track record of maximizing business impact in the shortest time period.

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    Website Development Services for Canadian Manufacturers and Service Providers

    When it comes to making use of web technologies, business owners in the industrial manufacturing market are known to fall behind in adopting new marketing trends. This is especially true when it comes to incorporating website development into a well engaged marketing plan.

    The manufacturing sector is not the same breed of industry that everyone is familiar with, and this often means that not all web design companies are capable of executing proper website strategies for manufacturing firms. When Quickenwebsites works on a website development project with a company in the industrial manufacturing sector, we follow-through with a proper plan first.

    We invest time in learning about:

    1. Others in your industry
    2. The relationship between your company and private organizations
    3. The role that governments play in your industry
    4. Who your audience is, and;
    5. The necessary support and plan for a proper website launch.

    We go beyond of just designing a website we learn your business model & company goals in an effort to create a cutting-edge, innovative and industry engaged website.

    A well-designed website for those in the manufacturing sector means creating a design that’s appropriate for the intended audiences, and includes:

    1. Interactive interfaces for home pages
    2. Research modules with publications and projects
    3. Directory modules for directors and visitors from other fields, and;
    4. Search fields that allow proper navigation in extensive and scalable websites.

    It’s important for distributors and manufacturers to have presentable websites that bring a lot of value for search engine users and online social communities. At Quickenwebsites we account for the visual design of your website, and completely construct the architecture of your site all within a well devised price quote and project timeline.

    At Quickenwebsites, we understand the importance of awareness and visitor interaction, and can assist you with an entire marketing platform that can incorporate leading-market trends like corporate blogging
    designs designed to target online communities

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