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Well-designed apps are the cornerstones of success in today’s business world


Rebuild an app

Keeping your conversion goals in mind, we can dust-off your obsolete app and increase your conversion rates by an average of 25%. Want to know how? Contact us; we’d be happy to explain it to you.


Build a new app

We start by finding out what drives some people to buy and others to exit the page. Then we focus on turning the latter into your clients. All thanks tour thoroughly tested development process.


Re-define UX

Our lead conversion experts know exactly what ingredients to add to your UX to make users click the right buttons. Just a few tweaks and you’ll be off to the land of two-digit conversion rates!

Our Design Process

User experience and user interface are very different things, similar as they may seem. By combining them seamlessly, we get the right kind of apps, the kind that users like to interact with, the kind that is user-friendly and accomplishes your goals and, even more, the kind that can easily measure results and track progress.


As UX/UI designers, we are perpetual students; before starting work on a new project, we have to become experts in our client’s industry. Thus, in the very first stage of your app development, we will meet, talk on the phone or exchange e-mails with you so that we learn as much as possible about your vision and goals, your buyer personas, the specs you have in mind, you past performance (if any) and, of course, your competitors.

User Personas

Excellent UX/UI has the user  as a central figure; before starting to work on your app, we need to know everything there is to know about your users or buyer personas: who they are, where they live, what they like (aside from your brand, of course), what colors they love best and who their friends are. Briefly put, we have to draft a demographic and a psychological profile of your users. Once we got to know them, we start offering them what they want.


This is the phase where your app starts coming to life; we will be designing two types of maps: a mind map that shows us the users flow and their interaction with each page of the app and a sitemap to show us the distribution of pages. Now that we have a clear plan about what we are going to do, it’s time to go deeper into the development realm.


During this phase, we will be creating a low fidelity prototype of the design. This is a great tool to help us show you what we think your app should look and feel like and get your feedback. The prototype will show the main groups of content, the structure of the app, and a basic display of the interaction between the user and the interface.

UI Design

This is the phase in which your app gets a “face”: we will be adding your branding elements and the color scheme and defining the final look and feel of the app. Of course, this phase is usually heavy with reviews, as it is very important to make sure we got the right style and respected the brand guidelines so that we can move on to designing the other layer pages.

App Tweaks and Optimization

According to each client’s needs, we can perform short or long-term goal optimization. Briefly put, this means that we will analyze ROI, conversion percentages, user flow and other metrics that describe the apps’ ability to reach its goals and then move to improve what needs improving. Sometimes, even changing a font or a word can make a world of difference!

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