Registration and Support of Domain Names

The process of registering a domain name can be delayed and the cost of organizing it may seem unreasonably high. Quicken Websites is a partner of the domain name registrar, and can take responsibility efficiently and quickly pick up and register the domain name.

Website Transfer

Transferring website can be a cumbersome task. What operating system the other server running? Will it be compatible with your website files? These and many more parameters need to be considered when moving a site from one hosting to another. Quicken Websites takes worries of your mind doing the transfer for you.

Backup your data

There is no 100% guarantee that your website will not be hacked or damaged any other way. That is why you should regularly backup website files. Quicken Websites technical specialists can maintain daily, weekly or monthly backups and restore your website in minutes to maintain seamless operations.

General monitoring of system health

This service includes ongoing attention of our technicians to your web site and prompt response to all possible technical problems. If your company have no trained technicians, this service will help you to avoid problems that might happen with your website in future.