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Quicken Websites is an innovative, resourceful, and competitive web design studio boasting some of the best website developers and content creators.  We value and respect your demands with the understanding that you are here to expand your business and services. Making your business more profitable and popular is priority. This is exactly what has been given to our clients at our web design studio. Empowering them with tools for future growth and profits. Transforming their needs into seeds of prosperity. We are the ultimate destination to materialize your dreams of excellence with unmatched services and a impeccable record of accomplishment.

In today’s Internet, it is important that you spin your way ahead of others. There are thousands of aspiring websites from all over the world sprinting ahead and vying to be on center stage. Only a few seconds to impress the viewer, your business needs to standout, be distinct which is only possible with the help of the winning combination of enhanced skills, latest technology, and unlimited creativity. We lend these precious virtues to our clients, and share our expertise based on our successful operations of the last five years. Now established as one of the top Toronto website designers.

At Quicken Websites, we believe in doing things differently. We employ a qualitative process, critically analyze each step that we take. Improvise from all aspects, enrich with the essence of our cumulative experiences. Upgrade with successful techniques and guaranteed performances. Thus enhancing the overall impact of the new project with a winning edge. Our evolutionary philosophy helps us to strive for perfection and deliver results that surpass the client’s expectations and fulfill the objectives.

QW Media specializes in Internet Marketing services  and provides to a variety of businesses. Start Up, Small Biz, Mid Size or Large, we’ll help you all!

Search no further – we are the right kind of team for your business if you have a craving for:

  • Intense traffic to your website
  • Enormous lead numbers who turn into real customers
  • Increased ROI
  • Excellent reputation of your name and products
  • The first page of any search
  • Your competitors looking at your back (meaning you are way ahead of them)!

Our mission statement:

  • Always exceed clients’ expectations
  • Follow emerging new technologies
  • Treat our client’s business as our own

Our skilled, energetic, results-oriented team loves assisting clients in finding their way to success. We fight for you the challenges of today’s online world. We are devoted to building long-term relationships with clients and partners. It is very rewarding to see our clients staying with us year after year and spreading good gossip. Yes, word of mouth works!

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Our Team

Anton – UI/UX Expert, Founder

Anton has more than 15 years of experience in creative design are complemented by a desire to stay on top of the new trends and developments in the field, as well as by sharp business acumen. All of these make him a reliable business partner, as well an exceptional creative artist.

Anton graduated from the University of Culture in Minsk, Belarus in 2000. His passion for the fine arts, along with that for technology, make for the ideal combination of skills in an Art Director/UI/UX Specialist. Thus, besides being able to offer a professional artistic and aesthetic perspective upon any project, he can also integrate these with the technological requirements. The result is an aesthetically pleasing and fully-functional product.

His first job was at the leading advertising agency in Belarus, RedGraphic, where he has spent more than 6 years. In 2001, he moved to Canada and continued to work in the same field, for clients in various niches. He started Quicken Websites in 2005. Since then, the company has completed numerous projects with various degrees of complexity for clients in several niches.

Serg – Web Development

Throughout his career, Serg has been involved in numerous projects ranging from mobile applications to complex websites. In each of these projects, he has poured both technical skills and passion. He always goes beyond the scope of his task, trying to improve the project overall. Furthermore, he is always up to date with the most recent trends and changes in the web development field.

At Quicken Websites, we place great value on such attributes and we take great pride in collaborators and innovators such as Serg. Thus, we are confident that whenever he is entrusted with a new project, the client will be more than pleased with the outcome.

Simple or complex websites, responsive ones, as well as Android, iOS or Windows Phone apps, Serg can handle every project with the same dedication. He is always eager to learn new things, so, together with our clients, we try to challenge him constantly.

Adriana – Content Creator, Copywriter

Adriana has a BA and a Master’s degree in Communication and Public Relations from the National School of Political and Administrative studies in Bucharest, Romania (2010). She has more than 8 years of experience in PR, marketing, and copywriting.

She is a passionate writer and, throughout her career, has worked on hundreds of content or article writing for clients in the most distinct of fields, from beauty and cosmetics to automotive and, of course, IT. She takes each project seriously and always conducts thorough research on the topic she is required to write about.

Throughout her career, she has worked with and for companies and clients from all over the world, helping them grow their brand is one way or the other. But her most valuable asset for Quicken Websites stems from the combination of copywriting skills and marketing mindset. Due to this, she is able to easily understand client requirements, as well as their target audience and write the most compelling texts.

Max – Photography

Max is the most eccentric member of the Quicken Websites team. He is an artist in the true meaning of the word. Based in Toronto, Canada, Max’s specialties are editorial and commercial photography.

Speaking about his experience would be a bit redundant since Max does little else except for photography. Thus, it goes without saying that whatever challenging photo shoot a client might choose to throw his way, he will be more than happy to accept the project and cast a new light upon any type of subject.

In fact, he himself says that he is always engaged in finding the essence hidden beneath layers of masks. He is constantly searching for the pure and unaltered essence of his human and non-human subjects, an essence that he is ready to reveal and show to the viewer of his art, along with a little piece of himself. In Oscar Wilde’s words, Max creates “art for art’s sake” and nothing less. Even when it comes to commercial photography, he is able to reveal new meanings of his subjects, creating enticing and compelling photographs.