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If you are a web designer who is perfecting his craft than you must have come across of a cross browser compatibility issue not even once in last couple of years. It’s no wonder that with so many different browsers the website you work on can look differently on Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8. Unfortunately Windows does not allow all IE’s running side-by-side on the same machine simultaneously. But wait to smack your head against a brick wall because there is Virtual PC.

Virtual PC is a program that can emulate windows within windows, saying that it can simulate 3 windows within windows, isn’t that awesome? Thus gives you the option to have 3 main Microsoft’s browsers on your PC, without having to run a test on 3 different machines.

How do you get Virtual PC on your computer?

The process is easy:

  1. Download virtual PC from Microsoft website.
  2. Download IE6-XP-SP3.exe, IE7-XP-SP3.exe and IE8-XP-SP3.exe
  3. Install Virtual PC on your computer
  4. Install first Pack – IE6-XP-SP3.exe
  5. Start Virtual PC program and click “New…” button, walk through the “New Virtual Machine Wizard” to the Finish and don’t forget to point your Virtual Hard Drive Location to the location of file that you got by installing IE6-XP-SP3.exe
  6. Repeat point 5 for remaining 2 files.
  7. Enjoi
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