If you’re making an investment in a website for your business, chances are you’re going to want it to be attention catching, and you’re going to want it to have a positive effect on your business as a whole. How do you do that? Well its quite simple, just follow the advice provided in The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page infographic!

Some of the great advice featured in this graphic includes:

  • Your page headlines and advertisement wording should compliment each other.
  • Buttons and calls to action should always stand out so that people who are interested in your service will be easily drawn to act on a purchase or a download.
  • Use a strong call to action – the stronger the call to action, the more likely individuals will be to actually act!
  • Go easy on the links! You shouldn’t bombard people with links drawing them away from your site – it’ll ultimately have a negative impact on your return.
  • ALWAYS take advantage of trust indicators – they’re what will get people to choose you over the next guy. Incorporate testimonials, press mentions, guarantee seals, etc.
  • Use images and videos that relate to copy.


Furthermore, if you didn’t already know, colours are a great way to differentiate yourself from other sites. For example, if you’re attempting to portray a service that promotes happiness and youth then yellow may be the best choice for you, as it inhabits the themes of optimism and youthfulness. Whereas other colours, such as pink, are a better choice for a company featuring products geared towards teenagers and young women.

For more useful landing page structure and colour tips, see the infographic below!


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