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Top 5 Trends in Web Design in 2015

If you are planning on building a new site or revamping your existing one, then 2015 is the best year to do it. Why? Simply put, because all of the web design trends we were waiting for to go “mainstream” have finally did it. 2015 brings a lot of visitor-centric innovations and the best thing about them is that the web designers love them, too. There is now more room for creativity and expressiveness. Read on and find what are this year’s web design trends that are bound to linger for a while:

  1. Long scrolling websites — the home page is no longer only “decorative” and the place where the journey starts. Your whole journey can now happen simply by scrolling. The deeper you go, the more detailed information you’ll get. The new “mobile era” is what prompted this change; when on mobile, it’s much easier to scroll than from navigate from link to link. Want your long scrolling to look even cooler? Then parallax is what you need. Parallax is an effect borrowed by web design from video games. Essentially, it alternates backgrounds offering a faux 3D effect. Check out and you’ll understand exactly what we mean.
  2. BIG images for the background – this trend appeared several years ago, but made it big when Apple adopted it. Why do people like it? Because it eliminates the usual clutter in a page; besides, designers also love the challenge of having to convey a lot through a single image.
  3. Mobile responsiveness is now longer optional. At the first point we were talking about the way mobile prompted the long scrolling pages trend. This goes to strengthen the point that no business can afford to ignore the mobile visitors. Furthermore, new gadgets like Apple Watch have changed the game in responsive design; they completely rely on responsiveness for displaying info on small screens and it is the designers’ job to make sure that the owners of wearable devices can browse any website.
  4. Multimedia is also bound to live up to its name this year. Yes, we know, you’re probably tired of hearing this word. It was overused and abused in most industries and everyone claims that they can offer the best “multimedia experience”. However, when it comes to web design, the HTML5 <canvas> element now allows developers to create any effect on a web page. Finally, the breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for!
  5. Flat design or “All hail the king who’s finally here to stay!” Apple rejected it many years ago, then they decided they actually liked it and the Android look is not so bad after all. And guess what? Everyone else loves it, too! Why? Because they don’t only look good (much better than the glossy web 2.0 icons), but they also answer the scalability and responsiveness needs that are very sought after nowadays.

Of course, 2015 brings about many other changes, some of them even inspired by fashion trends (colors, especially), but the above ones are those who will not wane that easily. It is now even easier to spot companies who are forward-thinkers and invest in their brand and appearance by taking a simple look at their website. Is your website 2015-ready?

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