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These are 4 main reasons why people buy online:

1. Money Saving
2. Convenience
3. Physical and Emotional Relive
4. To Fill Good About Themselves.

First Reason: Money Saving.

Simply put, people buy online because they can save. If you are looking for a new Nintendo DSi for your son, within 5 minutes you can find a dozen of websites offering this toy at competitive prices.

Second Reason: Convinience.

Most of us simply don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. We buy products in the hope of saving a few minutes or alleviating some mundane task. Saving time and effort is one of the reasons number of online stores grows 100% every year. If you are planing on launching your own online store here is a tip for you: show people how your product saves them time and reduces effort and you’ve got a great angle to help increase sales.

Third Reason: Physical and Emotional Relive.

Online pharmacies succeed, even though they represent a risky proposition, because people with physical problems need medicine and can’t afford to get it any other way. We buy online because we hope that our worries will be taken away from the transaction.

Fourth Reason: To Fill Good About Themselves.

Why do you think people buy stylish clothes, perfume, books on how to pick up women, or acne treatments? They buy these, and thousands of other things, because they want to feel better about themselves and operate more confidently in social situations!

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